DIY Wind Turbine – Tired Of Over Inflated Electricity Bills?

DIY Wind Turbine

Tired Of Over Inflated Electricity Bills?

If the thought of building a DIY wind turbine is stimulating your interest and fascination, I would urge you to consider getting your hands on some quality plans and get stuck in. The reality is that sales of DIY wind turbine plans have been growing steadily over the last few years and are booming at the moment. People like yourself, are getting despondent over power supply companies constantly increasing their electricity prices. People are saying “enough is enough”. No more being ripped off.

DIY Wind Turbine

Plans to build a DIY wind generator are going to cost in the region $50 dollars. The materials to construct your homemade turbine will set you back to the tune of about $200 dollars. However, you may have some materials lying around your shed/garage/property that you could use that would reduce your costs. Your local hardware or DIY department stores will supply most of the materials that you will need.

You may want to go down an alternative path of buying a manufactured turbine, off the shelf. For a good quality unit that is reliable, robust and that generates a high energy output. Eg Windmax HY1000-5, you are going to have to fork out upwards of $1,500 dollars. This is still an astute, pro active investment because it will pay for itself over and over again in the coming years.

However, building your own DIY wind turbine is by far the greater value, and much more fun. Once you have the plans and blueprints in your possession, you have the wherewithal to build as many of your own wind turbines as you want, or require. For the same expense of one manufactured unit, you could build numerous – five, six or even seven of your own homemade wind turbines.

This will more than likely create sufficient electricity for your property (depending on its size), thus rendering the power supply companies energy no longer a requirement. The end of their unreasonable electricity bills. Further more, with some adjustment to your mains board, you can actually sell any surplus electricity back to those same power supply companies to put back on the grid.

DIY Wind Turbine Blades

Your DIY wind turbine plans should be as easy to understand and follow as possible. There are tons on the market as you have probably seen. There are some excellent ones and some duff ones, so look around. Quality plans will explain the entire building processes from start to finish with easy to follow blueprints and videos. Good packages will include where to get deep cycle batteries for free, include plans for how to build your own solar panel array and also where to get a tower if needed, plus lots more.

The financial benefit is just part of the story however, and the more insightful of you will know that the other awesome benefit, is that building your own DIY wind turbine is going to help slow down global warming by way of reducing carbon emissions. Every one who creates their own energy helps just a little bit but millions of homeowners creating their own electricity will have a huge impact.

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