Homemade or Ready Made Wind Generator

Homemade Wind Generator Or Ready Made Wind Generator?



In many people’s eyes, the thought of owning a homemade wind generator (turbine) is just a dream. They know that using the wind to generate power is fantastic for the environment and kind to their pockets. Only a small minority actually take the plunge and proceed to build their own homemade wind generator because the majority of people are skeptical. The doubts in most peoples minds that hold them back are,

(a). Wind generators don’t really work and they are just a gimmick.
(b). They are far too expensive.
(c). Making a homemade wind turbine generator is far too complicated.

Let me answer these issues.

Firstly, wind generators work and work well. It is a small minority I know, but it is an ever increasing minority that are taking on the challenge of creating their own wind power from their own home turbines. This increase hasn’t gone unnoticed by the new president.

President Obama has set a part of the $787 billion economic stimulus to help kick start the growing industry of small wind turbines. Anybody who buys small wind turbines to help power small businesses and homes will be provided with a 30 percent tax credit.

It is thought that this federal subsidy will assist the emerging market of small turbines by up to 40 to 50 percent growth pear year.

Just check on the internet for forums and groups, and there are dozens of like minded people who have successfully set up home wind turbines. They are all raving on about their successes and their enthusiasm shows how well their projects work for them.

Secondly, there are dozens of ready-made wind turbines to consider. For a quality “off the shelf” generator, the cost is going to be in the region of $2000 and upwards. There are cheaper versions that can be bought starting at about $600 and they may work well for a while, but their construction is not as robust as the wind generators starting at $2000. In certain extremes of weather conditions they can start to falter.

Paying $2000 for a wind turbine may seem a lot, but in reality they are a fantastic investment. In as little as perhaps three years, it will have paid for itself. They are well worth some serious consideration is the funds can stretch that far, which may be difficult in today’s economic climate.

Thirdly, if $2000 for an “off the shelf” unit is just a little too expensive, building a homemade wind turbine is a great alternative. Engineers have been very industrious in the last few years designing wind generators that are not only effective and reliable, but can be recreated easily by just about anyone with the desire to build one.

Materials to build a wind turbine will cost in the region of $200 and can be bought from most good local hardware stores. The easy to follow plans cost in the region of $50.

The awesome thing is, once the plans are bought, for the same amount as buying a quality “off the shelf” generator, it would be possible to make in the region of nine or ten homemade units. This would create so much power that could it be sold back to the national grid. Not only are household power bills obsolete, money can be made from the sale of electricity.

Whether or not you choose to go ahead with setting up a wind generator for you home or not, whatever the cost, the cost to the planet could be far greater.

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