Homemade Wind Turbine Plans

Homemade Wind Turbine Plans Reviews

As if you hadn’t noticed recently, there has been an explosion of homemade wind turbine, home solar power systems and other alternative energy products on the market. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is the ever increasing quality and quantity of different ways to go green. Every week something new appears on the scene.

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In a nutshell, you have a choice of hundreds of books, packages and products that explain how to make the change from traditional energy sources to home wind and solar energy sources. However, many of these products are simply not up to the job but unless you can afford to transform your home into a green energy dwelling with the help of expensive professional electricians, you will have to turn to DIY products and make the transition by yourself.

Homemade Wind Turbine

So out of the many hundreds of products at hand, you are going to have to know what qualities to look for in an alternative energy package for maximum benefit.

Firstly, in order to build wind turbine or solar panels, purely finding a product to learn from is not the only requisite, following the guide closely and accurately is just as important to convert to green energy.

Next up, it may sound pointless, but some homes aren’t suitable for an alternative energy conversion like homemade wind turbines or solar panels because there is no land or surface to put the appliances on.

Thirdly, by modifying your home with the assistance of a guide that educates in a professional manner, you WILL cut you monthly energy bill drastically. It is possible to even create more energy than you require and you can feed that surplus energy back to the national grid. Not only that, but by choosing the right systems and guides, these alternative energy systems can be installed for very little expense.

The next thing is, to avoid squandering your money, think carefully before buying your homemade wind turbines or solar panel guides and opt for ones with the right learning accoutrements. Getting the best guide is the most crucial step.

I want you to get the best alternative energy package that you can buy, so I have been busy evaluating the five top products that are available in the home energy market at the moment. I have chosen the following criteria as the foundations of my assessment.

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  • Green Power – The reason why so many people are turning to renewable energy is obviously to create power at home, so we tested and measured the amount of energy that each home wind turbine and solar panel generated.
  • Ease of Building – The guides that that you learn from to enable you to convert your home to green energy should be concise and easy to follow and the parts should be easy to construct.
  • Instructional Value – We used some of the criteria from above to rate how easy it was to follow the instructions of the teaching packages. We gave the best marks to the guides that included detailed plans that were clearly outlined and easy to follow. The guides that included videos got extra marks.
  • Cost Involved – Saving money is one of the primary motives that people want to convert their home to green energy. The guides that explained to us where to get the required parts for the least money got a higher rating.
  • Availability of Parts – We wanted to give a higher mark to the teaching products that used parts that were easy to get hold of (such as the local hardware store). Some guides used parts that were hard to find.
  • Time Involved – Basically, we wanted to discover the build time of each component. We found out that the quality of the instructions had a lot to do with the time taken. Some blueprints were more complicated than others.
  • Overall Rating – We used all of the above criteria to come to an overall rating.

Homemade Wind Turbine

Reviewed below are the five leading renewable energy packages that will show you how to create green energy at home. With each homemade wind turbine and solar panel guide, we carefully built the components following the blueprints very closely, with the intention of turning a home green.

With the assistance of financial help from some of my mates for the parts, and a lot of Saturdays and Sundays work from myself over a couple of months or so, that’s what we did.

As you will see from our enjoyable exertions, the clear winner was. The four other packages that we road tested were still all very good products but just fell short in some minor way.

Please have a look through our reviews and we hope that they help you make an informed choice in the quest to convert your home into a green, alternative energy home.

To saving money and the environment,

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