How To Build A Wind Turbine

How To Build A Wind Turbine At Home


Many people today are searching the internet for ways to create electricity at home. One of the most popular searches for home-generated power, is how to build a homemade wind turbine. The reason that so many people are looking ways to generate power at home, and wind power in particular, is the fact that the cost of electricity is soaring and they hate paying silly prices for their power. Couple that with the fact that creating our own power will help reduce the need for fossil fuels, it isn’t surprising the popularity of creating our own electricity at home.

When you look on the internet on how to build a wind turbine, you will be hard pressed to find any sites that are giving away free plans. This is because that home made wind turbines have been developed by engineers with specific goal in mind that their exact wind turbine designs can be easily and affordably recreated by everyone who want to create their own wind electricity. The plans have a minimal cost solely to cover the cost of developing how to build a wind turbine at home in a simple format.

How To Build Wind Turbine At Home

At the very start of your energy creation funnel, you will require your wind power turbine.

Your wind power turbine will feed into a charge regulator or charge controller, which controls and limits the pace that the electric current is fed into your battery bank. It also will stop any overcharging of the batteries therefore enhancing the batteries’ life.

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As A Side Note. It is at this point that if you desired, you could buy or make your own solar panel array and feed it into the same charge regulator as the one for your homemade wind turbine. (If you get quality plans on how to build a wind turbine, instructions to build your own solar panel array will be included).

After your battery bank is charged up, the power that is stored is of no use for you to run your domestic appliances on. YET. You will require an inverter. An inverter is a device that converts your battery bank power (direct current (DC)) to domestic household power (alternating current (AC)).

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The resulting alternating current flows into your electricity control panel where various circuits and transformers will give you the correct voltage and frequency for house use. From here you will have your free wind power (and solar power if desired) to use at will.

Home Made Wind Turbine

The plans will explain in great detail how to find all of the materials required for your actual wind turbine construction and detailed step by step instructions. As I said, you will also get detailed plans for solar panel array construction and also where to find your batteries for your battery bank for free.

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