Make Your Own Wind Generator

Make Your Own Wind Generator



Why would you want to make your own wind generator? Well there are a number of reasons but the two most significant reasons that most people would build one for are, to save money and to save the planet, or a combination of the two.

With the economy in free fall in recent months, people are searching for ways to economise and one of the ways to save money is to create your own alternative energy at home. Make your own wind generator and creating wind energy at home is one such method.

This has been long in the minds of many people but only a few got around to doing the job. It was probably due to the fact that there were only a few wind generators available to buy off the shelf and that they were way too expensive to buy, or plans to make your own wind generator were not even drawn up, and it seemed far too complicated and time consuming to even consider building one.

Since the downturn in the economy however, there have been a surge of ready made wind generators to buy and at a reasonable price too. They start at about $600 dollars but beware, these could be somewhat unreliable. To buy a wind generator that is going to stand up to some serious weather conditions at times, you are looking at paying a minimum of £2000 dollars. Even at this price, it is great value, as the wind generator will pay for itself many times over.

Along with the surge of off the shelf turbines, there has been a dramatic increase in plans and designs that enable you to make your own wind generator at home. Plans seem to be the way to go, with hundreds of thousands of individuals buying them because they provide the means to build wind turbine for as little as $200, with the plans costing about $50.

The homemade wind turbine blueprint plans will walk you through the entire process of wind generation. They will list exactly what material that you require and where to get them from. It’s possible that some materials you will have at home and a lot of the other requirements can be bought from a hardware store. There will be a step by step guide on how to actually make your own wind generator and set it up and commission it. If any problems are encountered in any part of the process, there will be a support department to assist you and you will receive lifetime updates.

The obvious advantage that plans have over a shop bought wind generator is that you don’t have to stop with building only one. For the cost of one ready made turbine, if you had the inclination, it might be possible to build another eight or so. Now that is going to provide some serious wind generated energy. That surplus energy can be sold back to the national grid for additional income and the government approves of this system.

The other thing that I mentioned, that if you were to make your own wind generator, it would be great for the environment. It’s obvious that creating free, renewable, clean wind power at home would lessen the burden on using fossil fuels.

This has the effect of reducing carbon emissions into the air, thus reducing the effect of global warming, the air would be cleaner which would reduce respiratory problems in many people and waste and spillages of fossil fuels into our river systems and oceans would be reduced, helping to protect wildlife.

All of this can be attained with just a small outlay. It can be a great project to work on with the family and can be fun to do. There are many reasons to make your own wind generator but not many reasons not to.

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