Homemade Wind Turbine Plans

Homemade Wind Turbine Plans Reviews

As if you hadn’t noticed recently, there has been an explosion of homemade wind turbine, home solar power systems and other alternative energy products on the market. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is the ever increasing quality and quantity of different ways to go green. Every week something new appears on the scene.

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In a nutshell, you have a choice of hundreds of books, packages and products that explain how to make the change from traditional energy sources to home wind and solar energy sources. However, many of these products are simply not up to the job but unless you can afford to transform your home into a green energy dwelling with the help of expensive professional electricians, you will have to turn to DIY products and make the transition by yourself.

Homemade Wind Turbine

So out of the many hundreds of products at hand, you are going to have to know what qualities to look for in an alternative energy package for maximum benefit.

Firstly, in order to build wind turbine or solar panels, purely finding a product to learn from is not the only requisite, following the guide closely and accurately is just as important to convert to green energy.

Next up, it may sound pointless, but some homes aren’t suitable for an alternative energy conversion like homemade wind turbines or solar panels because there is no land or surface to put the appliances on.

Thirdly, by modifying your home with the assistance of a guide that educates in a professional manner, you WILL cut you monthly energy bill drastically. It is possible to even create more energy than you require and you can feed that surplus energy back to the national grid. Not only that, but by choosing the right systems and guides, these alternative energy systems can be installed for very little expense.

The next thing is, to avoid squandering your money, think carefully before buying your homemade wind turbines or solar panel guides and opt for ones with the right learning accoutrements. Getting the best guide is the most crucial step.

I want you to get the best alternative energy package that you can buy, so I have been busy evaluating the five top products that are available in the home energy market at the moment. I have chosen the following criteria as the foundations of my assessment.

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  • Green Power – The reason why so many people are turning to renewable energy is obviously to create power at home, so we tested and measured the amount of energy that each home wind turbine and solar panel generated.
  • Ease of Building – The guides that that you learn from to enable you to convert your home to green energy should be concise and easy to follow and the parts should be easy to construct.
  • Instructional Value – We used some of the criteria from above to rate how easy it was to follow the instructions of the teaching packages. We gave the best marks to the guides that included detailed plans that were clearly outlined and easy to follow. The guides that included videos got extra marks.
  • Cost Involved – Saving money is one of the primary motives that people want to convert their home to green energy. The guides that explained to us where to get the required parts for the least money got a higher rating.
  • Availability of Parts – We wanted to give a higher mark to the teaching products that used parts that were easy to get hold of (such as the local hardware store). Some guides used parts that were hard to find.
  • Time Involved – Basically, we wanted to discover the build time of each component. We found out that the quality of the instructions had a lot to do with the time taken. Some blueprints were more complicated than others.
  • Overall Rating – We used all of the above criteria to come to an overall rating.

Homemade Wind Turbine

Reviewed below are the five leading renewable energy packages that will show you how to create green energy at home. With each homemade wind turbine and solar panel guide, we carefully built the components following the blueprints very closely, with the intention of turning a home green.

With the assistance of financial help from some of my mates for the parts, and a lot of Saturdays and Sundays work from myself over a couple of months or so, that’s what we did.

As you will see from our enjoyable exertions, the clear winner was. The four other packages that we road tested were still all very good products but just fell short in some minor way.

Please have a look through our reviews and we hope that they help you make an informed choice in the quest to convert your home into a green, alternative energy home.

To saving money and the environment,

Morten Leader

Wind Blows
Wind Tree

Build Wind Turbine Plans Reviews

How To Build Wind Turbine Plans – Reviews

I think that you have made a great pro active decision in learning how to build wind turbine. You have come to the right site because you will discover what to look out for and which are the best diy kits available for you.

Go Immediately To Build Wind Turbine Reviews

Why Build Wind Turbine?

1. Save A Fortune On Overpriced Electricity Bills – Every month or quarter, you know that the power supply company is going to raid your bank account again. You expect it. You take it that you can’t do anything about it. Well, YOU CAN. When you build wind turbine and use the energy of the FREE wind to power your home, you can reduce those electricity bills, big time. If you build more than one turbine, you can stop them completely AND sell surplus electricity back to the supply companies.

2. You Are Self Sufficient For Your Electricity Needs – Depending where you live. Power outages aren’t a regular occurrence. They still do happen though and they can be highly crippling. Once you have your own power source in place, you are no longer at the mercy of the grid.

Help Save Our Planet

3. You Are Helping To Save The Long Term Future Of The Planet – When you build wind turbine, you will be reducing the reliance on traditional methods of creating electricity which involves burning fossil fuels. With the reduction of fossil fuel usage, there will be less greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere therefore global warming will be reduced. You will feel great satisfaction and can sleep easily that you are doing your bit.

4. It Is A Fantastic Fun, Bonding Project For The Family – It is something unusual that you can do with your family of friends. You will learn how to work together as a team and have a laugh at the same time. You will also learn various skills and how to help save the planet with your family involved.

5. An Investment For You And Your Family – When you build wind turbine you will have to spend about $50 on the plans and maybe $250 on the parts. When you consider that you will be saving thousand of dollars in the future, this is a terrific investment. Would you rather give thousands of dollars to rich electricity supply companies or would you rather spend it on your family?

Build Wind Turbine Plans

What Do You Need To Get Started?

1. A very good set of easy to follow, step by step blueprints.

2. A basic set of tools but no specialist tools required.

3. An area to construct your turbine.

If you’re tired of high electricity bills, discover how thousands of families worldwide benefit from homemade wind turbines and solar panels to power their homes.

Wind and Solar Power Charging up an 1125 Amp Array Battery Backup :

Wind Power Example and Tips from One Home DIY-er :

If you would like to convert your home, and take advantage of free, renewable, energy sources such as solar or wind power. You should take a moment to read our reviews of the top illustrated guides that can teach you how.

Build Wind Turbine Plans Reviews


Earth4Energy - Our Top Pick

Rating 9.9/10

Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost of Building
Overall Rating

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#1 Rated Alternative Energy Site for

Leading the pack of our review system is Earth4Energy. This alternative energy product has really been put through its paces by its developers. It has come out on top because it is the most complete, well put together green energy product on how to build wind turbine at home.

After purchasing Earth4Energy online, (under $50), it will be immediately available for download. Along with the detailed plans, blueprints and clear and concise manual, you will get your hands on easy to follow supplementary videos.

With this renewable energy package, you will be able to switch to homemade wind AND solar powered electricity, or a mixture of both, at the same time as maintaining the integrity of the product and keeping the cost to its minimum. You see, the components to build the wind turbines and solar panels will be available to you in your area – the DIY store, hardware store or you may even have some components around your house or in your garage.

You will need some deep cycle batteries for storage of the energy that your renewable energy plant will create. Earth4Energy explains where to pick up these deep cycle batteries for nothing, saving you a lot of cash. So as you see, this package is all out to keep your costs down.

All of the building processes are covered in detail, from how to build wind turbine and solar panels, assembling your battery bank and how to convert your DC electricity to AC. The videos will support the easy to follow blueprints giving you extra confidence that you are doing things correctly.

Creating renewable green electricity is the goal though and Earth4Energy excels in this area. Combine several home built wind turbines with high energy output and you could create enough electricity to sell some back to the power supply companies for a profit.

The best renewable, green energy award has to go to Earth4Energy because of its excellent quality, power generating capability, low cost and for being a complete package.


In Summary: For easy to follow, comprehensive instructions, the minimal outlay to build, a fantastic power generating capacity, we have no choice but to endorse Earth4Energy as the best build wind turbine package.

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Green DIY Energy

Rating 9.2/10

Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost Involved
Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

2. GreenDIYEnergy

GreenDIYEnergy came out in second place. This one was previously at the top of the pile until Earth4Energy took its place.

GreenDIYEnergy renewable energy package includes both eBooks and videos that will enable you to switch your home to green energy. The plans and blueprints are clearly laid out (but not quite as well as Earth4Energy manages to do), and they are very simple and straightforward to follow.

We built wind turbines and solar panel units using this package and the power that was output was almost the same as was for the winner of our review.

The thing that I was concerned about with this one was the fact that it lacked a focus. Earth4Energy system teaches you how to convert your whole home by building and implementing their procedures but GreenDIYEnergy concentrated more on the separate components. Converting the entire home is covered well but not quite as comprehensively as our top pick.

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Home Made Energy

Rating 8.7/10

Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost Involved
Overall Rating

Highly Recommended

3. HomeMadeEnergy

Coming in third place was HomeMadeEnergy. Overall this package is worth the money you spend to get it, but it just isn’t written as well as our top two picks.

The HomeMadeEnergy package again consists eBooks and videos that work to teach you how to convert your home. The material is fairly well laid out, but the images lack a little compared to GreenDIYEnergy.

You will be able to build solar panels, or homemade wind turbines with HomeMadeEnergy, but you wouldn’t be able to perform a whole home conversion. If your only purpose is to build wind turbine/solar panels to supplement your homes energy requirements, I may suggest this one.

Even then though, the images/videos in GreenDIYEnergy are better. And, with the availability of GreenDIYEnergy, HomeMadeEnergy is simply lacking in content compared to the top pick.

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Energy 4 Green

Rating 7.0/10

Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost of Building
Overall Rating

Also Recommended

4. Energy4Green

The fourth build wind turbine product on our list is Energy4Green. This one isn’t a bad product, but it didn’t fair as well as the first two on our list. I think that this one failed mostly because of the way things are explained.

Energy4Green uses the same types of parts, and suggests some of the same methods to build, but they don’t explain how to put it together as well. Eventually we did get it all together, and it worked but it wasn’t simple.

When we used this one to switch a home to green energy, I got the assistance my friend get started, and then he worked to build more of the solar panels we required. He ended up having to buy extra parts to make them work, and the power generated in the end didn’t quite match that of the first two.

All in all this one isn’t bad. The home did get converted, and it is generating enough power to run the entire home, but simply for easy of learning I would recommend the first two learning packages before Energy4Green.

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Green Power Easy

Rating 6.9/10

Green Power
Ease of Building
Cost of Building
Overall Rating

Also Recommended

5. GreenPowerEasy

Taking fifth place we have GreenPowerEasy. Again this one didn’t fair too badly for power generation, but we had some other problems that put it in fourth.

The biggest problem with this homemade wind turbine package is the way the material is taught. All of the first three products on our list included both eBook and video components to make learning simpler.

With GreenPowerEasy, everything is laid out in written format. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to read, but the absence of the videos did make it more difficult to learn what we were supposed to do.

In the end we did get a home converted, and our efforts generated enough power to keep it off the grid, but this one took longer than the others.

Another issue that we had with this package was the products that they suggested we use. Instead of components that can be found locally, GreenPowerEasy suggests a supplier list. This did drive the costs of every component up.

On their sales page they did state that you could buila wind turbine or a solar panel for less than $200, but if we had followed their part guide, we wouldn’t have been able to.

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